We help businesses get more value out of their marketing activities

Effective support on strategic planning, research, communications, sales, client service, and marketing management to enable your business to grow.





Because marketing is often misunderstood, ill-defined and poorly resourced. And you are left wondering why revenue isn’t growing, or clients think competitors are better.


Do you know what your clients want or value? Are your communications about your clients and their needs, rather than about you and your success? Is your marketing connected to the rest of the business?


If your answers are a resounding yes, congratulations. If not, please contact us to help you put some structure behind your marketing.


All clients are different: how you use our services will vary based on what you need and your particular projects.  You can think of Structured Marketing as an outsourced marketing director, if you don’t have a full time, senior person overseeing your activities and working with other directors.


We can act as a project manager, delivering a specific piece of work, whether it’s a website, a brochure or a client pitch. 


Or we can be a coach and mentor to a marketing team, providing support and direction to both the team and senior management.  


And we often work with larger consulting firms, providing specialist support on their broader projects.


Whichever approach you choose, our goal is to ensure that you feel listened to and understood, that you have confidence in your marketing work and that we have added value to your business.


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We offer a range of management services, including strategic planning, analysis, and procurement, to help you get the most from your marketing activities. On the communications side we can help with copywriting, and bring in specialist support for other design and communications work.   





It’s the basic foundation of any marketing activity. How you position yourself in the market. Your clients and their needs, the benefits you offer, why you are better than the competition. How to communicate with your targets, how to deliver your products and services, and how to measure success.  We help you develop a structured plan that fits in with your overall business strategy and can be executed on time and on budget.





How well do you understand your clients and what they want? What do they know, think and feel about you and your competitors? Where do you fit into their priorities? Whether it’s based on desk research and a few informal conversations, or a full blown mix of qualitative and quantitative interviews, we help to ensure your marketing activities reflect your clients’ needs and interests. 





The best communications plan, brilliantly executed, is of little value if the client service isn’t what was promised or wanted.  Responding to client feedback is essential if you are to stay ahead in a competitive market where your clients have other choices.  





This isn’t about the colour of your logo or the size of an advertising budget. It’s about the purpose of your business, what you stand for and what your clients expect from you. It has to be consistent in everything you do in the business – not just the marketing department. We guide you through the process of developing a brand strategy that gets the right balance between the internal  –  who you are, what you do and why – and the external – client needs and expectations -  to create a strong market position.





What marketing skills do you need in your business? How do you brief creative agencies to get the best results? How do you measure ROI on the marketing budget?  We help you develop the best way to organise your marketing functions and co-ordinate both knowledge and efforts across teams, including the procurement of suppliers and running marketing training courses for in-house teams. 





Marketing communications, visual identity, internal communications, corporate affairs, PR, DM, e-communications, social media – these are often synonymous with the general term “marketing”  - but all require specific skills and knowledge. We help you identify what communication skills you need, and where necessary bring in specialist expertise.




With a background in international sales and marketing, Simon advises both established firms and start-ups on marketing and sales strategy, business development, client service and general business planning. In addition to his consultancy work, he was recently UK Marketing Director for the Grosvenor Group, and prior to that, Global Head of Communications & Marketing at UBS Investment Bank.


Previously, Simon was Director of Global Marketing Strategies at DoubleClick, the Internet marketing services firm, and before that he held a series of sales, marketing and management positions at The Economist Newspaper in London, Hong Kong and Frankfurt.


Simon is also a director of WBC Training Ltd and the New Model School Company, and a Trustee of Stoll, the Veterans’ Housing and Support charity.


As well as planning and advisory work, he writes and edits communications material for his clients. For design work, research, digital marketing, media relations, event management, he can call upon a network of independent specialists. 










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